The Carpigiani


I followed my heart — and it led me to a batch freezer.


Carpigiani represents the MOST comprehensive offering of state-of-the-art machines for the production of Ice Cream, Soft Serve, and Shakes.

We are committed to helping customers at every touchpoint in their business journey. Our team has an unflagging love of all things ice cream — which translates into our being on hand for our customers. Always on deck to guide, counsel, help grow and celebrate 24/7, 365-days a year.


Innovation is the cornerstone of Carpigiani’s technological leadership – Carpigiani is constantly reinvesting in research, design and choice of components to guarantee our customers can easily adapt to different production needs, ergonomics and functionality in use.


Operational safety, energy saving – all in compliance with the most restrictive food safety regulations are core tenets of our mission. To that end, Carpigiani engineers regularly monitor the performance of the machines and through timely feedback with the company – contribute to always evolving peak characteristics and performance.



Carpigiani Sweet Advantages

* Patented Cylinder Design for faster freezing and power savings

* Patented Pump Design for creamier finished product

* Patented Teorema remote assistance for reducing service costs

* Patented Heat Treatment saves on labor, product and cleaning materials

* Fewest parts on the market for less assembly time and chance of error

* The leader in frozen dessert education, training and innovation 

* Nationwide service network

An Established History

Since its founding in 1946, Carpigiani has been THE gold standard for technical excellence for ice cream machinery. Our team also includes renowned chefs and master instructors at our globally acclaimed Carpigiani Frozen Dessert University.

A Network of Support

Carpigiani North America is located in High Point, North Carolina. Our facility includes manufacturing, shipping and warehousing for parts and finished goods. Our key customer service, sales and service support ensure customers pre- and post sales excellence. We are also the home to Frozen Dessert University.

Success Stories

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