Carpigiani North America is introducing the Model UF920 combination soft serve and shake machine with a 42-day cleaning cycle

High Point, North Carolina (January 26, 2022) – Carpigiani, an Ali Group Company, and global leader in the production of equipment for fresh ice cream, gelato, and pastry is pleased to introduce the best-in-class model UF920, a versatile combination soft serve and shake machine developed for high-volume foodservice operations. The UF920 has an impressively rated 42-day cleaning cycle, specifically designed to meet the industry’s labor-saving needs.

“Carpigiani has engineered the highest production gravity fed combination soft serve and shake machine in the industry today,” said Penny Klingler, President Carpigiani North America. The new model UF920 will produce up to 960 - 4 oz servings per hour of ice cream, soft serve, gelato, sorbet, frozen custard or plant-based recipes or up to 60 gallons of shakes per hour or a combination of soft and shake all in a one machine. “This versatile model UF920 is a game changer for high-volume ice cream shops, quick service restaurants and concessions,” continued Klingler.

The UF920 can be customized to the configuration that meets each customer’s unique specifications.  Each of the two cylinders can be programmed to produce either soft serve, ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen custard or various shake products, from thick to thin. The option of an onboard spindle mixer provides for unlimited flavoring and mix-in options to expand menu items and seasonal limited time offerings. “In one operationally simplistic machine, foodservice operators will be able to rapidly serve a variety of excellent quality products with peak performance,” said Kami Poppen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Carpigiani North America. This unique model is also available in a pressurized version for operators seeking a high overrun, creamier textured products.  

“Labor savings, capacity and total cost of ownership are at the top of operators concerns,” continued Klingler. The high-performance heat treatment cycle featured in the UF920 supports safe, high quality product production for 42 days before cleaning. “The annual labor and materials savings of this longer cleaning cycle is an average of $3,000 which will pay for the machine during its life,” said Klingler. “At Carpigiani North America, we are proud to introduce this new technology and manufacturing excellence assembled in North Carolina, leading our industry in serving the unique needs of operators in today’s environment.”


Established in 1946 in Italy, Carpigiani enjoys an unrivaled market position, thanks to its high standards, top-quality products, customer service and technological innovation. The company supports its equipment with a worldwide network of highly skilled sales and service technicians. The premier brand name in frozen-dessert machines, the company has built a reputation as the essence of quality and service in the foodservice industry. Carpigiani has seven subsidiaries and four manufacturing facilities serving the global market.


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