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Batch Freezer

Innovative system of modular units to make Ice Cream in front of customers.

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  • Overview

    All-in-one modular units to Mix, Heat, Batch Freeze, Serve and Store Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbets right in front of customers. This is an innovative approach to Frozen Desserts, freshly made Ice Cream is ready to serve right away. Each unit has of
    two independent cylinders with Hard-O-Tronic exclusive system for excellent Ice Cream or Gelato. The status of the Batch freezing cycle is constantly displayed on the LCD display.


    Convenience With Advanced refill, the operator can refill the cylinder with a needed quantity of liquid mix & restart the batch freezing cycle even when only a small quantity of product is left in the cylinder. The LCD display allows the operator to know the operational status of each cylinder. During the batch freezing process, the screen will show 1. Active Program; 2. Current consistency; 3. Final consistency (modifiable)         4. Modifiable storage temperature; 5. Agitator speed (modifiable).


    All-in-one machine puts the entire Ice Cream making process in one unit.


    Each cylinder has its own consistency and storage temperature settings to best produce every single flavor. Customers can see the flavors being made through the thermoplastic lid. While closed, the lid protects the refrigerated scooper.


    The unique beater design was created to easily serve the Ice Cream. The beater with a lowered central shaft is equipped with 2 interchangeable self-adjusting scraping blades, ideal for constant cleaning and cylinder performance. Heated cleaning Hot Wash function speeds up the cleaning process by heating the cylinder to dissolve any product residues. Dry Clean, removes any residual wetness or humidity from the cylinder after cleaning. Each unit is equipped with a wash kit consisting of a handheld shower and liquid aspirator with an integrated pump and filter.


    6.34 quarts (6 liters)

  • Specs
    Technical Characteristics
    Mix Delivery System
    Cooling System
    220/60/1 Air
    Fuse Size A
    Hopper Capacity
    Hopper Capacity
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