"In the current time, we have seen an increased demand for 100% homemade products in our retail outlets and restaurants.  Our customers are searching for the highest quality products, as their knowledge base has grown tremendously in recent years.  With us being a luxury resort hotel, we have been producing quality ice creams, gelato and sorbets for our guests and visitors alike for years; however, during this last year, we have seen an increased demand for ice cream products that we were struggling to meet. 

Our Carpigiani Lab100B has been a fantastic machine, but we had simply outgrown its capacity.  With labor costs higher than ever, we searched for a solution to meet the demands of our customer base with higher efficiency.  Knowing that we wanted to stay with Carpigiani, we narrowed our search to a Carpigiani LB302 RTX G based on the capacity output and a sleek design that fit within our kitchen space.  With expert product training and installation, our machine was quickly operational and we immediately saw the improvements. 

We have more than quadrupled our ice cream output with the Carpigiani LB302 RTX G, and drastically increased efficiency while also reducing labor costs.  With the ability to expand our selection and continuing ability to offer our customers the highest quality products, we have watched our sales increase by more than 30%.  We have reduced our labor costs by over 75%, which has promoted a more engaged and positive staff outlook. In the professional world of ice cream, there is nothing better than the efficiency of Carpigiani!"

Jordan Snider, Executive Pastry Chef at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort


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